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Amazing as it sounds, most businesses spend more money paying to have their trash picked up than it would cost them to securely move their deposits to the bank. If you are wondering if armored transportation services are for you, ask yourself these questions…

Do you self-bank your deposits? 

Instead of going to the bank, have your bank come to you! Avoid overdrawn accounts resulting from your time-strapped manager’s inability to get to the bank before closing – after all, they’re not just money managers; they also manage people, products and your clients’ overall experience. By using Avarny armored security services, you and your managers will be able to spend more time building profits, and less time counting cash.

Are you worried about the safety of your manager and staff, and the impact it would have on your business if they were harmed while transporting cash? 

Whether you’re a large multinational corporation or a local neighborhood store, when your business makes a cash sale, the money from that sale is both an asset and a liability. Of course, the more successful your business becomes, the more cash it generates; and unfortunately, additional cash also means additional risk. Minimizing that risk is exactly why businesses all ensure the safe and secure transportation of their cash and assets .

Are your managers spending too much time on cash delivery instead of creating a wonderful customer experience?

Armored transport services could reduce your risk and keep your employees focused on growing revenue and improving customer service.


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